Raised Garden Beds at the BUFCO Lab

If you think you don’t have enough space for a vegetable garden or if you’re worried you don’t get enough sun, take a look at our tiny patch. Our backyard is only 20’ x 20’. We only get four to five hours of direct sun a day because we live in the glorious shadow of a nearby, massive chestnut tree. Yet, with a variety of Raised Garden Beds, we grow a huge volume of mouth-watering organic food. From early May to as late as December, we almost completely eliminate trips to the veggie market.

Why "the BUFCO Lab"? We are always innovating and experimenting in an effort to ensure our new products are the best they can be. So we try things out in our own garden before introducing them to yours, including Critter Barriers, new soil amendments, new bed designs, even new plant varieties. When you see it for sale at BUFCO, you know it has been put to the test and it works!

Bufco lab
BufCo Alley
Urban Sprawl

The Lab started simply, three raised beds that we used for recreational gardening before BUFCO became a thing. Over the years, we’ve added large and small Raised-Raised Beds – garden beds with built-in storage underneath. Our large Raised-Raised Bed is actually a green-roof dog house, with a strawberry patch above! The next phase was to add two demonstration garden beds in the alley next to our garage. These are sub-irrigation planters (SIPs), complete with a water reservoir in the bottom, a water-filling tube and water-overflow outlets.

Our most recent expansion has been into a neighbour’s yard, where, in exchange for a flourishing edible garden of her own, she allowed us to erect a 300 square foot hoop house where we care for our spring seedlings that we sell to our gardening clients and at local farmers’ markets. Learn more about where you can purchase seedlings here.

Bufco lab

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