Introducing The BUFCO Wheelchair Accessible Garden Bed

Literally millions of people live a life bound to a wheelchair, mobility scooter, walker or other assisted living device. Many of them used to garden as a hobby, as part of their regular lifestyle, but can no longer do so. Or so they thought.

Introducing the BUFCO Wheelchair Accessible Garden Bed. Designed specifically for people who require mobility assistance, the Wheelchair Bed offers many features that open up the world of gardening to people who otherwise might not be able to participate in this peaceful, social, and rejuvenating activity. Numerous studies show that those who are able to access and play in a garden have significantly improved mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

It’s a very exciting prospect for wheelchair users to get their hands back in the dirt without having to uncomfortably twist themselves sideways just to gain minimal access to the soil. And for those who have never gardened before, welcome to a whole new world of connecting with nature.

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Features of the Wheelchair Accessible Garden Bed:

  • Accommodates at least four gardeners in wheelchairs at one time
  • Roll-up access so gardeners can sit facing forward and garden without twisting
  • 27.5” of clearance under the bed – the perfect height for even long-legged gardeners to get their legs under the bed, gaining better proximity to the soil
  • A comfortable overall height of 33” so gardeners can easily reach the soil and plant material, even in the middle of the bed
  • A steel frame that will last for decades and is far safer than beds on wooden legs
  • Powder coat finish available in a wide range of colours to increase the lifespan of the bed frame, and keep it looking like new
  • Industrial grade locking casters allow the bed to be installed on hard surfaces indoors and out, and easily moved as needed
  • Built-in drainage channels that carry excess water out the sides of the bed and prevents water dripping on gardeners’ legs
  • An Eastern White Cedar garden bed that measures 3’ x 6’ x 5” deep, a depth that is more than suitable for growing a huge range if vegetables and herbs, as well as ornamental plants, yet is shallow and low enough to allow users to easily and comfortably access the soil and plants.

We work side by side with clients, offering lively Gardening Programming to help groups develop gardening knowledge and skill, build relationships and create community, while assisting those with more severe physical challenges and limitations. (Location dependent.)

For more information, please contact Marc at (416) 450-3899, Arlene at (647) 290-2572, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Thank you for a great idea! It will make a real difference for many, many garden enthusiasts living with challenges.”
- Jocelyn, a mobility scooter user, at Canada Blooms, 2018

“This garden is one of the best things I’ve seen, and my heart is just going out to you because I thought I would never be able to garden again. It was something that had been taken away from me, and I was very angry!”
- Dorothy, Resident at Lakeside Long Term Care in Toronto during a demonstration of the Wheelchair Bed.

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