Pollinator Gardens

Butterflies, bees, birds, bats and beneficial insects are responsible for pollinating 90% of the world’s flowering plants. These hard-working pollinators provide us with fruit, vegetables, nuts, and half of the world’s oils, fibres and raw materials. We, and ecosystems in general, depend on pollinators for our very survival.

Create a buzz! You can attract a gorgeous array of pollinators to your garden by creating a year-round place for them to live, eat, drink, hibernate and raise their young. Pollinator Gardens create an intoxicating display of colour, scent and sound and provide the opportunity for you to harvest cut flowers to beautify your home.

We can help you design, plant and maintain a pollinator garden bursting with locally sourced flowers, herbs and shrubs.

Available for raised beds or in-ground gardens, your pollinater garden will be established, and planted by our expert, gardening crew who will take care of everything needed to ensure a buzzingly successful garden. Want to know more about pollinator gardens? Visit our Blog here.

Garden plans start at $80

Planting and maintenance: $160 per hour, one hour minimum (A small established garden will take one to two hours at most.)

Materials and HST not included

For more information regarding our planning, planting and maintenance services as well as a description of our materials and supplies click here.


Sample Pollinator Garden in Raised Bed


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